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Job Description

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In this role the Maintenance Manager will be required supervise, mentor, coordinate and ensure the quality of the care and maintenance work performed by the Skilled Maintenance Department. The Maintenance Manager will also be responsible with coordination with external companies to ensure project scope is on time and on budget. You will need to sure all company key performance indicators are meet and establish departmental KPI’s to meet overall company objectives. As a manager above all, he supervises technical resources, assesses needs and ensures the administrative, budgetary, and logistical follow-up of the department.

As part of your daily work, you would have to:

  • Support technical services both in terms of human resources management and operations.
  • You ensure compliance with the safety standards.
  • Must have experience building departmental KPI’s
  • Establish MTTR/MTBF metrics for the department
  • You optimize the overall maintenance program. 
  • You supervise, coordinate, and control the quality of the work of various contractors for all production equipment.
  • Coordinate calls for tenders, analyze bids and recommend the award of work contracts to decision-making bodies.
  • You manage the supply contract for tooling vendors.
  • You manage the supplier contracts for supplies for the department.
  • You manage the MRO buyer.
  • Supervise the planning of annual inspections for production line lifting devices
  • Establish levels and control maintenance and safety costs in coordination with customers and stakeholders responsible for the realization.
  • Inform customers, administration, and management of the progress of projects, provide all necessary reports.
  • This is a list is a minimum example of the role.

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What you need to succeed in this position:


  • Knowledge of Office suite software.
  • Knowledge of MRP/ERP and CMMS software.


  • Communicates effectively
  • Improves processes
  • Establish highest standards of practice

Skilles and Attitudes

  • Willingness to share knowledge.
  • Demonstrates a capacity for positive influence
  • Positive change management
  • Incorporates best practices.

Studies and Experience

  • College diploma or bachelor's degree in a discipline related to the function or significant professional experience in a management position related to the activities covered.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in Skilled Maintenance management.
  • Experience with automotive Paint shop, Bodyweld shop, and Final Assembly shop are preferred.
  • Experience in purchasing and contract management.

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Job Benefits

  • Flexible work schedule
  • Group insurance coverage
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Recognition of years of service
  • Access to professional development
  • Competitive salaries
  • Exceptional work environment

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