Operations Trainer

Place: Saint-Jérôme


Job Description

Innovative manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles 
Leader in transportation electrification in North America 
It’s us! 
Every day, in our own way, we help improve our environment and our society. 
Come build the future with us! 
Why you should join our team 

  • You’ll work in an exciting and constantly evolving work environment (you won’t get bored with us)! 

  • We totally understand. Your family and your health come first! 

  • Your hours are flexible, and we trust you! 

  • We are really opened to having employees working remotely – we know it works! 

  • We offer (rock-solid) insurance coverage, and a great employee assistance program! 

  • At Lion, your career potential is limitless! 

As part of your daily work, you would have to: 

  • Manage training functions and develop strategic policies, procedures and responsibilities for the operations training department of a company.   

  • Implement a company’s operations training efforts via workshops, one-on-one sessions and on-the-job training. 

  • Develop performance improvement training to support company goals.  

  • Develop needs analysis, developing training programs, initiating and overseeing training systems, delivering skills training, procedural training, and non-procedural training sessions and ensuring that employees are well trained and that their training is documented.  

  • Conduct trainings by employing necessary training aids, tools and data in accordance with the company training programs, developing educational materials and manuals and providing training and support to meet all regulatory and safety compliance also falls under the purview of an operations trainer job. 

If you read our description this far, it means you’re interested! Read on… 

What you need to succeed in this position: 


  • Quickly adapts to an ever-changing environment 

  • Can create and implement new procedures and processes 

Aptitudes and Approaches 

  • Go-getter 

  • Autonomous 

  • Creative 

  • Analytical 

  • Logical 

  • Responsible 

Studies and Experience 

  • College Degree in relevant Operations Management/Training field preferred 

  • Minimum 3 years' experience as an Operations Trainer 

We can’t wait to talk with you! 




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