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Place: Joliet


Job Description

Job Description 

Innovative manufacturer of zero-emission vehicles 
Leader in transportation electrification in North America 

It’s us! 

Every day, in our own way, we help improve our environment and our society. 

Come build the future with us! 
Why you should join our team 

  • You’ll work in an exciting and constantly evolving work environment (you won’t get bored with us)! 

  • We totally understand. Your family and your health come first! 

  • We offer (rock-solid) insurance coverage, and a great employee assistance program! 

  • At Lion, your career potential is limitless! 


Reporting to the Production Supervisor, the Assembler must assemble electric vehicle components and perform other related tasks. 


Main responsibilities 

  • Prepare material for assembly.  

  • Ability to read the work instructions  

  • Ability to read fractions and decimals (Needed for distance and torque measurement readings)  

  • Drill, bolt, screw, glue, attach, tighten, or fasten to each other, the parts, and components of the vehicle. 

  • Move product from one station to another.  

  • Arrange parts or products in their designated areas. 

  • Comply with health and safety regulations in the workplace.  

  • Follow work instructions 


If you read our description this far, it means you’re interested! Read on… 



  • Team player  

  • Able to work standing for long periods of time  

  • Able to do physical work  

  • Able to work with some manual dexterity 


Aptitudes / Approaches 

  • Versatile  

  • Flexible  

  • Thorough  

  • Team spirit  

  • Detail-oriented  

  • Logical  

  • Resourceful  

  • Motivated  

  • Loves learning 


Training and Experience  

  •  Experience in a Manufacturing environment. 


Work Environment 

  • Working on your feet  

  • Working crouched down  

  • Working with your arms over your head  

  • Lifting loads up to 40 lbs.  

  • Able to reach, stoop, kneel, etc. 


We can’t wait to talk with you! 


Job Benefits 

  • Group insurance coverage 

  • Opportunities for advancement 

  • Recognition of years of service 

  • Access to professional development 

  • Competitive salaries 

  • Exceptional work environment 


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